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Real Estate

“Our know-how can guide you through real estate transactions and help you avoid stress and aggravation.”


Knowing how a community works is key in both residential and commercial real estate.

The real estate team at Doherty, Dugan, Cannon, Raymond & Weil, P.C. is rich with experience. We can put years of community and legal knowledge to work for you. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a commercial property owner, our know-how can guide you through real estate transactions and help you avoid stress and aggravation.

Knowing how a community works is key in both residential and commercial real estate, and the senior team members have more than 80 years of experience combined.

“We know the people,” says Attorney Michael P. Doherty, a founding partner of our firm. “We know the building commissioner on a first-name basis. We know everybody on the town council. We know the people on the planning board. We know what their tendencies are. It’s going to help clients avoid problems.”

Residential real estate

Buying and selling a home are challenging. Our attorneys are experts in the contracts, titles, and financing that goes into the process, and are well known to the local brokers and mortgage companies throughout the Greater Boston area. They understand your concerns in making such an important decision.

“I’ve been at it 25 years and Attorney Melissa S. Treneer has been at it for over 15 years, so we have a fair amount of experience,” says Attorney Edward V. Cannon Jr. “Buying and selling a home is a fairly stressful undertaking, so I think we bring a certain level of empathy. We work well with their agents. We’re taking the time to answer their questions and make sure they understand what’s happening.”

“We really do provide outstanding service to our clients,” says Mr. Doherty. “We take calls. We return calls. We don’t ignore people. We care about our clients. We give them what they deserve.”

Commercial real estate

Our team represents not only small business owners and their real-estate needs, but also regional and national institutions that require help in land use, zoning, permitting and leasing. It’s a process that takes time, patience and an understanding of each communities’ way of doing business.

“Experience comes in handy, knowing the players in the particular towns that you’re working in,” says Mr. Cannon. “The boards in the various towns where we work know us. It’s very important gaining the town’s trust. You may not always get what you’re asking for, but in the long run if they feel like they can trust what you’re saying, they can evaluate it dispassionately. At least you feel like you get a fair shake.”

That expertise and the ability to guide an unwieldy project through to the end sets the firm apart.

“There’s a certain pride in being part of a team on the commercial real estate side that takes an underutilized piece of real estate and helps guide it through for 24 to 36 months,” says Mr. Weil. “And at the end of the day, you see something positive develop on that site, whether it’s an office building or retail complex or subdivision.”

A large number of commercial real estate clients work with the firm from one project to the next, and are also corporate business clients. With 14 attorneys and a large support staff, the firm is able to act as their in-house general counsel, something most suburban firms can’t offer.

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