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Landlord / Tenant Disputes

“Assisting our Clients to Navigate Landlord-Tenant Problems”


Doherty, Dugan, Cannon, Raymond & Weil, P.C. focuses on the representation of national and regional real estate development and property management companies that manage residential and commercial real estate. Our clients include several of the largest apartment owners in the country. We handle a full range of landlord-tenant matters, including a high volume of summary process cases, civil disputes, insurance defense claims and general advice-giving to assist our clients in navigating the myriad landlord-tenant problems that come up during the day-to-day management of apartment complexes.

Our attorneys are successful because they regularly appear in the Housing, District and Superior Courts which have jurisdiction over these matters and have worked hard to develop reputations of trustworthiness and honesty before the Courts. In addition, a high percentage of landlord-tenant disputes are resolved through direct negotiation with tenants. Attorney Steven Weil says “we make a real effort to understand what’s going on with a tenant and craft agreements that include viable terms.  If, however, it’s necessary to present a case to the court, our attorneys have a great deal of experience before the Housing Courts, which most often hear these cases. We know when to bring a case forward and when not do.”

And being proactive helps, too.

“Every day we’re advising property managers who have thorny landlord-tenant issues on how best to handle that issue. The range of problems reflects the varied life experiences and living circumstances of people renting apartments. These may include disturbances caused by domestic violence, health code violations, drug-dealing and other crimes, and matters arising out of housing subsidies, requests for reasonable accommodations and claims of unlawful discrimination,” says Attorney Steven Weil.

We also work closely with our clients when new laws come out,” says Steven Weil. One example is the marijuana law. “We’re helping companies manage the new landscape. What can they do and what can’t they do?”

And if it comes to it, our attorneys are experienced in sophisticated civil litigation before Massachusetts’ state and federal trial and appellate courts.

Landlord-tenant disputes, especially at the residential level, can happen at any time. Our team is a phone call away.

“Our clients receive the highest level of personal attention,” says Mr. Weil. “Anybody who’s calling us gets called back within 24-hours.”

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