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What should I do when I have been sued?

The first thing that you should do is to call an experienced Massachusetts litigation attorney. You should also be prepared to discuss with that attorney if you have insurance. You may have insurance that will pay for your legal fees to defend you in the lawsuit and pay any claim that may be entered against you in the lawsuit. It is important that you investigate if you have insurance as soon as possible as the insurance policy will most likely require that you notify the insurance company immediately or forfeit your rights.
You should also investigate if you have any benefits from your employer or groups that you belong to such as a union that will provide you with free or discounted legal services. You should also remember that once you have been sued whatever you say about the lawsuit to anyone could become the subject of court or deposition testimony. Because of this fact, you should be careful to say little or nothing about the lawsuit to anyone except an attorney because what you say to an attorney that represents you is protected by the attorney-client privilege. This is one reason why the first step when you are sued is to call an experienced litigation attorney to represent you.
The Massachusetts litigation attorneys at Doherty, Ciechanowski, Dugan & Cannon, P. C. can guide you through these first steps, including a review of your insurance coverage. If we determine that you are entitled to insurance coverage, we can write a demand letter for you to your insurance company to make sure that the insurance company defends you. If you do not have insurance coverage, our litigation attorneys can help you to form a strategy to guide you through the lawsuit.