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What are the Dangers of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Divorce?

There is a new dangerous trend of DIY Divorce packages that are appearing on the internet. These packages claim to provide for a minor fee all the required documents that a couple needs to complete and file a divorce in Massachusetts on their own. DIY Divorce is like DIY Electrical Repair . . . at some point you are going to get burned. Not only do many of these forms not contain the basic protections that should be in place, but they cannot explain how the laws apply to each spouse and their children. Each situation has its own unique challenges that legal counsel can assist the parties to understand and resolve in a manner that makes sense to them, not the person who wrote the computer program. The results from some of these DIY packages have been disastrous — many times leading to a divorced spouse having to claim bankruptcy or lopsided agreements that lead to years of court involvement.
If you are considering using these DIY Divorce packages, consider consulting divorce attorney Michelle Raymond to discuss your options, including collaborative law or divorce mediation.