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Something New to “Like” About Organ Donation

As discussed previously on this blog, it is important that, in addition to registering your organ donation wishes with the Massachusetts Donor Registry and Donate Life New England, you discuss your organ donation wishes with your family and friends so that your wishes are carried out. Well, for those of you on social media, doing so just got a little easier. Check out these articles about Facebook’s new organ donation project from and and
As of May 1st, Facebook is allowing its members to share their organ donor status and share their reasons for becoming an organ donor. Additionally, if you are in the United States or the United Kingdom, once you tell Facebook that you are an organ donor, you are directed to online registries to formalize your status. Of course, you should continue through and complete the donation. However, simply stating that you wish to be an organ donor on your Facebook timeline sends a powerful message to the family members who will have to give final approval for the donations.
If you do wish to have your organs donated, take the time today to register with the donor registries, consider sharing your organ donor status on Facebook and, of course, engage your loved ones in a discussion about your wishes.