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Public Comments on Draft Regulations for Paid Family and Medical Leave Law

In the past our firm posted articles about the new Paid Family and Medical Leave (“PFML”) law.  The law institutes sweeping changes to current law which will impact most Massachusetts businesses.  The PFML covers a wide range of issues and will, among other things, increase minimum wages, eliminate premium Sunday pay for retail workers.  Most notably, perhaps, is that the PFML law will provide paid leave benefits for certain eligible Massachusetts workers.  The paid leave benefits will be paid by a new state agency called the Department of Family and Medical Leave.  Eligible employees will be able to start claiming benefits beginning on January 1, 2021.  The agency will be funded through a payroll tax remitted by employers and employees which has already gone into effect.  A more detailed overview of the PMFL law can be found on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts website at this link;  Also, you can find our prior articles on this topic at the following links:

Recently, the Department of Family and Medical Leave (the “Department”) published an updated draft of regulations, which define certain terms and clarify certain portions of the new law.  The draft regulations can be found at the following link:  The regulations are extremely detailed and provide information individuals and businesses more specific information about the PFML law.  

Notably, the Department is holding a formal comment period concerning the draft regulations.  The comment period will allow individuals to attend hearings (via online meeting applications) and also submit comments on the proposed regulations.  More information on the process for submitting comments and attending virtual hearings can be found at the Department’s website located at

As we note above, the new PFML law is going to have a huge impact on how Massachusetts companies do business.  We urge all Massachusetts business owners to review the proposed regulations.  The public comment and hearings may be the only change you have to voice your opinions about this law before it becomes part of your day-to-day operations. 

If you have questions or would like to discuss the new PFML law, please contact Attorney Michael P. Doherty, Attorney Andrew M. Kepple, or one of our other employment attorneys at 508-541-3000.

This blog is for informational purposes only.  It should not be considered legal advice.  All those who read this blog should seek the advice of a professional before taking action based upon any information provided herein.

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