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Medicaid/MassHealth Update: Your Spouse Can Now Keep More

Applicants for Medicaid, as administered by MassHealth here in Massachusetts, can only qualify for the program when they have sufficiently “spent down” their assets.  Many people are familiar with the rule that the applicant may have only $2,000 worth of countable assets at the time of the applicant, and that the spouse of the applicant may keep a larger amount of countable assets.  Last year, this amount, known as the community spouse resource allowance (“CSRA”) was $109,560.  As of January 1,2012, the CSRA has increased to $113,640.
There have also been increases in other allowances, such as the minimum and maximum monthly maintenance needs allowance and the community spouse monthly housing allowance.   For questions about Medicaid/MassHealth eligibility, or any other estate planning or elder law questions, contact one of the Massachusetts estate planning or elder law attorneys at the Franklin, Massachusetts law firm of Doherty, Ciechanowski, Dugan & Cannon, P.C.