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How Do I Take Control Of My Divorce?

For most people going through a divorce, this is the most out-of-control they have ever felt over their lives. Part of that overwhelming sensation of being out-of-control is when the court is deciding their fate – how their children will be raised, how their money or debt will be carved up and who will live in their house. Divorcing couples who submit their contested divorce to the court are passing over the control of their lives and children to overworked judges to make these important decisions. Now with the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court system losing 20 percent of its judges in 2011 alone, the judges will have even less time to focus on each case, many times less than 20 minutes in a courtroom. Thankfully, there are alternatives – Mediation and Collaborative Law which allow divorcing spouses to retain and rebuild control over their lives and children.
If you would like to learn more about how to take control of your divorce, contact Massachusetts divorce attorney Michelle Raymond to better understand your options.