Generally, Massachusetts employment law defines most employment relationships as “at will,” which means your employer does not need a good reason or cause to terminate or fire you.  However, according to Massachusetts employment law an employer cannot fire or terminate an employee for an illegal reason.  Illegal reasons to terminate or fire an employee include: discrimination due to sex, nationality, disability, religion, or race, retaliation, and whistle-blowing.

If you have an employment contract, under Massachusetts employment law, the contract will determine the reasons you can be terminated or fired.  However,Massachusetts employment law still protects a contracted employee from being terminated or fired for an illegal reason.

If you are an employee and believe you were fired or terminated for an illegal reason, or are a business owner who is concerned an employee may claim they were fired or terminated for an illegal reason, please contact employment lawyer Michael P. Doherty at Doherty, Ciechanowski, Dugan, & Cannon for an initial consultation.