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Budget Cuts Limit Access to Massachusetts Courts

One of the effects of recent budget cuts has been limiting the trial courts’ ability to respond to litigants and attorneys involved in lawsuits.  The budget cuts have caused decreases in staffing but the number of lawsuits and demands upon court personnel have certainly not decreased.   Lawyers have long seen delays caused by budget cuts.  As explained in this press release, these delays have now forced some courts to limit the times that they will speak to the public in person at the courthouse and answer telephone calls.  The dilemma caused by budget cuts to courthouse staff is not limited to Massachusetts as noted in the attached recent New York Times editorial.
Litigants who are involved in disputes should consult with their attorney to discuss how these budget cuts will effect their cases.  They should also explore mediation, arbitration or other forms of alternative dispute resolution to avoid the additional costs caused by delays.  The litigation attorneys and mediation attorneys at Doherty, Ciechanowski, Dugan and Cannon would be happy to answer your questions regarding how to proceed to reach a favorable resolution of your claim in the climate of court budget cuts.  If you would like more information, please contact Michael Doherty, Steven Weil, Peter Paulousky, or Michelle Raymond.