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Attorneys Raymond and Weil attend “Latest Developments in Alimony” Conference

September 23, 2011
Attorneys Michelle M. Raymond and Attorney Steven Weil attended the “Latest Developments in Alimony” Conference on September 23, 2011 at Suffolk Law School. Probate and Family Court judges and the crafters of the new alimony reform statute were present to discuss the implications of the significant changes coming in 2012 to the alimony law in Massachusetts. Some of the changes include the new provision of “Reimbursement Alimony” available in marriages of less than five years in which a spouse receives alimony as reimbursement for financially providing for the other spouse during his or her education or the starting of a business. The implications and impact of the Alimony Reform Act will be far-reaching for upcoming divorces as well as for those paying or receiving alimony. The length of a marriage takes on significant importance as the availability of the different types of alimony is contingent upon the length of the marriage. In addition, alimony may be terminated or suspended if the recipient is cohabiting. The Act provides for specific timeframes for when current divorced parties can modify their provisions in reaction to the implementation of the Alimony Reform Act. With so many changes to the old alimony law, both judges and attorneys anticipate ground-breaking cases in coming months creating new case law – so stay tuned for future updates as we see how the courts will interpret this new law. Please contact Attorneys Michelle M. Raymond or Steven Weil, if you have any questions or concerns about the implications of the new alimony reform act upon your current or future situation