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Attorney General’s Updated Regulations for New Earned Sick Time Law

The final version of the Attorney General’s Regulations, which interpret the new Massachusetts Earned Sick Time Law, was released on Friday, June 19, 2015. The final Regulations have a number of significant changes from the draft Regulations issued earlier this year.
One difference found in Section 33.01(3) makes it clear that employers may require or an employee may choose to use paid sick time concurrently with other statutorily provided leave time such as the Family Medical Leave Act, Massachusetts Parental Leave Act, Massachusetts Domestic Violence Leave Act, the Small Necessities Act and other similar leave laws. This clarification fixes the draft Regulations’ language which provided that the Sick Time Law was “in addition to” the above-mentioned leave times. While it is still possible for an employee to take both sick time and time under another leave act consecutively, the clarification that they may be used concurrently makes sense and is helpful.
There are numerous other changes in the final Regulations. Below is a link to the final Regulations:
If you have any questions regarding the final Regulations, the Massachusetts Earned Sick Time Law, which takes effect on July 1, 2015, or would like us to review your employee manual for compliance, please contact us.